Measure A, Not OK

Measure A would raise taxes in Sacramento County by $8.5 billion, doubling the countywide transportation tax and making gasoline even more expensive. The misleading measure is bought by special interests and fails to deliver on its basic promises. Environmental, taxpayer, transit riders, and other groups all oppose the measure. 

Vote “No” on Measure A in Sacramento County

Measure A is a power grab that lines the pockets of the wealthy special interests who wrote it.

Measure A is bankrolled by wealthy special interests like the Cordova Hills Development Corporation that want taxpayers like you to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for roads that will benefit their development projects. Developers should pay these costs, not taxpayers.  

 Measure A imposes an unfair tax when inflation is crushing county residents.

This new sales tax will increase the cost of nearly every consumer good, and  will hit lower and middle income individuals hardest. We have higher priorities for our tax dollars than subsidizing wealthy developers. We need more affordable housing and we need to reduce homelessness.

Measure A promotes traffic & destroys open land, including American River Parkway habitat.

The measure prioritizes investments that increase sprawl and traffic, undermining decades of land use and transportation planning.  New highways in isolated areas destroy natural and rural land, bring in more cars and traffic, worsen air quality, and create new infrastructure costs and maintenance. Measure A projects will also damage the American River Parkway. That’s why the Sierra Club and Save the American River Association both urge No on A.

Measure A sets Sacramento up to fail climate targets — and miss out on key funding for infrastructure, transportation and housing.

If the anticipated road projects are built, analysis indicates the region will fail state-mandated climate targets, threatening our region’s livability in the face of rising heat and wildfires. Because the measure sets up our region to fail these targets, we stand to lose eligibility for billions of dollars in critical state and federal transportation and affordable housing grants. 

Measure A pays lip-service to equity, but doesn’t make meaningful investments in underserved communities.

The measure dedicates hundreds of millions for special interest road projects, while only committing 3% of funds for transportation for seniors and the disabled. It also fails to prioritize investments in historically underserved communities. 

Measure A worsens our air pollution and hurts human health — at taxpayers’ expense

Sacramento consistently ranks as one of the ten worst regions for air quality nationally. More roads and highways are just more sources of air pollution.  In other words, more kids with asthma, more people with heart and lung problems. Yet only 2% of measure funds go towards monitoring air quality.

Join Taxpayer, Transit Rider and Environmental groups in voting NO on A.

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